Thanks to our continuous efforts in research, development and monitoring of our production processes we are able to offer a developed and reliable product to our Customers. Every product is designed in Italy and manufact red to provide the maximum performance and high safety standards. To ensure the quality of our products we internally perform all tests required by the European regulations.

Possible designs:

With side seam loops

4 side panels + 1 bottom panel with side seam loops

Tubular body with side seam loops design

Tubular body with cross corner loops

Tubular body with cross corner full round belts

With side seam loops

With cross corner loops
  • Safety factor (EN21898): SF 5:1 (single trip), SF 6:1 (standard duty multi-trip) and SF 8:1 (heavy duty multi trip)
  • Safe working load (EN21898): from SWL 250kg to SWL 2000kg
  • UN certified for dangerous goods according to…
  • Electrostatic big bag types (IEC61340-4-4 ed. 2.0): TYPE A, TYPE B, TYPE C or TYPE D
  • Fabric options: single layer, double layer, uncoated, coated on one side or on both sides, colored, ventilated, breathing and filtering
  • Stitching options: standard, single side dust-proof, double dust-proof and triple dust-proof Filling & Discharging: on Customer’s requirements
  • Inner liner: single layer (PE), multi-layer barrier (PE+PE,PE+PA, EVHO or PET+ALU+PET), shaped, tabbed, glued, stitched, Q-Liner, natural color or colored
  • Electrostatic liner types (IEC61340-4-4 ed. 2.0): L1 (for TYPE C big bag), L2 (for TYPE B,C and D big bag) or L3 (for TYPE B big bag)
  • Printing: 4 sides up to 4 colors
  • All our big bags are food contact certified according to EU laws